Flat (Trapezsiz) Polyurethane Locked


GENERAL refrigeration cold room panels and prefabricated locked features are produced. 40 kg/m3 (±%5) density polyurethane injection. Length of 2 m to 12 m, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200 mm thickness are produced. Standard panel widths of 111 cm width standard panels can be manufactured to be locked.

Panels antibacterial and hygienic. Cold room panels manufactured by GENERAL cooling as well as superior quality and long life, easy installation can be done quickly and properly designed qualities.

Cold storage, prefabricated panels, all kinds of accessories and details that will be required during the installation is designed in advance, depending polyester painted galvanized steel inner and an outer surface (BGS) or stainless steel (lnox) are produced. Used in giving form and strength of the hair as well as the smoothness of the machine with rollform increased.

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Düz (Trapezsiz) Poliüretan Kilitli
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