About Us

About Us

To help you create the perfect working areas of business life and times, needs to make contemporary presentations, to produce lasting solutions to problems under COOL is a company who supply all kinds of technological design of the service safely.
Cold storage, cold storage, frozen storage tanks, shock chambers, water cooling systems, ice machines, industrial cooling systems We specialize in assembly and manufacturing.
To our company, production, sales, service, installation and engineering services, as well as returns, notification, follow-up and maintenance services, is committed to proudly perfectionist approach to increase achievements in the business world. Most new technologies, the highest quality systems, the most rapid and cost-effectively, the conditions most suitable for you, at your disposal to give your office a special analysis, thus creating our mission to provide higher quality production.
Today, refrigeration sector in general, are mostly manufactured by each one of these three products are brought together again by the firm commitment to a separate cold room as requested by the customer is established.
The product range GENERAL
• Different types of cold room cold storage panels are locked up in accordance with a height of 12 meters,
• 148 different models, as well as cold storage, cold storage doors with shelves and accessories, all kinds of cold room makes all the products that it manufactures.
• GENERAL customers, refrigeration equipment, cold storage panels, cold storage door and shelf to ensure that manufacturers do not have to separate. The entire project, installation, maintenance and after-sales technical services and turkey GENERAL cooling specialist teams have taken in the authorized servisliklerimizle has created four provinces.
GENERAL projecting to customers for installation, after-sales service enterprise with cold rooms and cold storage are all services under one roof.

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