Cold Room PVC Strip Curtain

Purpose of Use
Hot-Cold weather reduces losses. Energy savings and economic efficiency increases. Property bird, fly, insect and protects all flying insects. Such as smell, gas, dust, and so on. Reduces the movement. Operation hygiene. Easy to install. Source panes afford to cut harmful light source. Transparent to light for a safer work environment. Isolates noisy machinery. Requires minimum maintenance.
* Factory inside or outside the main doors,
* Staff entrance and exit doors,
* Installing the gates,
* Kitchen gates,
* Paint the gates,
* Source and steam compartments,
* Production panes
* Cold air tank and freezing room entrances and on the Turkish Food Codex accordance with Conveyor Belt Systems ..
PVC Strip Door Systems is fully compliant with the Turkish Food Codex and the relevant directorates. Food production, consumption and control, and related legislation by Decree Law No. 560 on the restructuring of food is the ideal solution for businesses. Especially in the food sector enterprises PVC Door Systems are recommended for a healthy and clean environment.

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