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Freezing immediately after harvest

Watermelon Storage is Easier with Cooling Devices!

Cooling Devices are among the most needed industrial products in the century we live in. In line with the increasing population and the increasing demand for the food sector, the need for cold room systems is increasing. Especially in the watermelon industry, the typical storage condition is 14 days at 15°C. With a slight decrease in the degrees, this storage period increases to 21 days.
However, if you do this with Cooling Devices, you can make a profit with the least damage during this time. Usually, watermelon receives enough damage and loss during transportation. However, most of these damages occur because it reduces its resistance to impacts in line with the damages in its content.
The companies that supply cold room systems, on the other hand, prevent the products from getting frosty or deteriorating from excessive heat, as they immediately go to the freezing process after harvest. Thanks to the Cold Room Panels and Cold Room Doors in the cold rooms, these products are delivered to the public in a healthy way in state-of-the-art devices.
However, since these devices are not widely used for every food today, many products are damaged after harvest and cause losses to the farmer. Cooling Devices are among the best choices for companies that want to make a profit and bring their products to the public without incurring any loss.
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