Soğuk Odalar Sayesinde Soğan Depolama

Onion Storage Through Cold Rooms

Savez-vous que vous pouvez stocker des oignons sans les gaspiller grâce aux appareils Cold Room et Cooling ?

Although it is still a question of preserving onions with primitive methods today, there are many companies that have started to store onions without wastage by keeping up with the changing technology.
Unfortunately, there are many companies that store onions by wasting it. Immediately after the harvest, they store the products in dark caves away from the sun and moisture, perform the drying process and preserve the products. However, this situation can cause 40-80% onion wastage.
Eliminating such disadvantages has become much easier thanks to today's technologies. Onions, which are subjected to drying process without being damaged in cold room systems, are positioned in the warehouse under storable conditions over time. After the onions, which are subjected to drying process for the first 5 days, are taken into the cooling devices, they are subjected to the freezing process by lowering them by half a degree per day.
As you know, onion is one of the most used food products in every country. There is hardly a meal that he does not participate in. Even included in today's fast food world, onions are among the most important food products for countries and agriculturalists. However, harvest drying processes without a cold storage system unfortunately put you in a difficult situation as a company. For this reason, you should definitely end the work of damaging by buying cooling devices.
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