Soğuk Oda Zemin Paneli Kalınlığı Ne Olmalıdır?

What should be the Cold Room Floor Panel Thickness?

Floor panels, which are among the indispensable parts for cold room systems

Floor panels, which are among the indispensable parts for cold room systems, look good in terms of aesthetic appearance and show very useful features for cold storage. In general, the greatest heat loss in cooling devices occurs on the floor. This causes extra energy consumption.
However, thanks to the thermal insulation panels to be laid on the floor, by preventing leaks, you will both save energy and achieve the same quality of storage conditions for your products. Due to these effects, cold room users are investigating how the panel thickness should be.
However, since the decision should be made according to the cooling feature you will use, it is best to decide with the company that you will have the cold room panels made. Generally, the dimensions are between 8-10-12-15-20 cm. The upper surface of the panels laid on the floor is covered with plymood, and the lower surface is covered with 50 millimeter galvanized sheet. Panels made of original birch not only keep the heat balance stable, but also help the products to stay fresh.
If you want to have floor panels installed in your cold room systems, you can contact our company immediately and learn what the floor thickness should be according to the characteristics of the cold room you use. You can also get our affordable price offers and answers to all your questions. As General cooling systems, we have been serving our valued customers for years with a team of experts in cold room systems.
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